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Barns and Arenas

Ark Custom Buildings builds a variety of barns, arenas and loafing sheds. Let us custom design the building of your dreams. We offer a variety of options for your barn or arena including tongue and groove stalls, Dutch doors, wash racks, lofts, tack rooms, stall mats, hay storage, stall fronts, stall divders, stall divders with feeders and much more. We are horse people too and understand the special requirments needed to keep your horses and other livestock happy and healthy.


Below are just a sample of barns, arenas and loafing sheds that we have built.  


Click on the picture for an enlargment and full size view.

2 story 40 X 120 barn with shop

Three stall metal barn with cupola

2 Stall wood barn

Wood barn with attached lean-too

Cedar sided 2 story monitor barn

2 Story wood barn with hay loft

3 Stall barn with shed roof

Metal monitor barn with attached lean-too

3 stall wood monitor barn

60 X 120 arena

2 story 3 stall barn

40 X 84 arena

Shed row with tack room & hay storage

2 stall metal monitor barn with open side

2 stall barn with wash bay & tack room & hay storgae

Open air stalls

Three stall wood barn with loft

2 Stall metal monitor barn

2 Stall wood barn with hay loft

4 stall metal monitor barn

40 X 60 metal barn

Wood barn with attached arena and hay loft

3 stall monitor barn  

2 stall barn with attached shop

3 stall barn with hay loft

Monitor barn & workshop

2 stall loafing shed

3 stall shed roof barn

Metal gable barn

3 stall shed roof barn

inside of a barn

3 story 60 X 66 wood barn

40 X 96 12 stall wood barn with attached 70 X 144 arena

60 X 120 arena with attached 3 stall barn

3 Stall wood barn with apartment in 2nd story

4 Stall barn with hay loft

40 X 84 pony arena

4 stall metal barn with hay loft

60 x 120 arena with attached 10 stall barn

3 stall barn with 2nd story office

4 stall metal barn

Ark Stall front


Wash bay

Stall dividers

feeder stall