Post Frame Construction Services | Ark Buildings LLC
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Post Frame Construction

Ark Buildings is the premier builder of post frame structures in Northwest Washington. If you are unfamiliar with post frame construction, trust that it is of the highest quality! Post framed structures are engineered wood-framed buildings that utilize solid sawn posts and/ or laminated columns instead of traditional wood studs or steel framing. Thus making post frame buildings much stronger and longer lasting than traditional structures.

Post Frame Structure Design and Build specializes in the following areas:

  • Barns and Arenas
  • Shops and Garages
  • Carports and more


Barns and arenas are a staple to Ark Buildings as well as Northwest Washington. Design and build of new construction barns and arenas are an Ark Building focal point. Barn and arena renovations and remodels are also projects that Ark Buildings can handle with ease. Please view some of Ark Buildings projects within our portfolio to see just what sets Ark Buildings apart.


Shops, outbuildings, and garages. Ark Buildings can create a custom design to meet your needs or you can bring your own plans. Each Ark Building is built to client specifications and will surely meet and exceed your needs and desires. Design and build, remodels and renovations, trust Ark Buildings for your next shop, outbuilding or garage build.


Carports and coverings. Carports and coverings are a great addition to a Northwest Washington home or residence. Protect your vehicles, trailers and more with an Ark built a carport that will be aesthetic, functional and reliable.


Ark Buildings is a licensed general contractor in Washington State and can provide a wide variety of services. Whether in need of a siding or roofing specialist, look no further than Ark Buildings. In need of a remodel? Residential and commercial remodels, custom projects and upgrades are all services provided by Ark Buildings.

  • Siding and Roofing
  • Remodels and Renovations
  • Custom Projects and Upgrades
Ark Buildings, Northwest Washington’s Premiere Post Frame Builder